MA students hanging exhibition for first year crit

I remember it well, the cramped conditions in the attic of the Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham. This year however, the first years have the new gallery space in the extension to the photography and fine art campus at Hardwicke.

Four students easily filled the space which suffers from the fact that only blutack and the such like can be used on the folding dividing wall, but even with me lending a hand (or was that hindering?) everyone worked quickly to put up what will no doubt be a very impressive first semester show. Good luck to all of you for the crit on Friday!

10405556_596249310507926_3960926130661740906_n 10406792_596249223841268_2237626621162008628_n 10891526_596249173841273_1425359816689017572_n 10891840_596249333841257_6569740132728113892_n 10892013_596249183841272_4433053808339502431_n 10892013_596249233841267_8933941776614126018_n 10896859_596249297174594_1319556281680615265_n 10906321_596249253841265_9144270228438049892_n 10923615_596249277174596_705461159934306996_n 10926230_596249100507947_6962383242012330803_n


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